About OurFernie

OurFernie markets Fernie and Fernie businesses to anyone wishing to visit us.

We intend to be inclusive. We don't just want businesses that can afford to advertise, we want everyone to participate. Advertising your business or event on OurFernie will always be free.

We want to expand Fernie's marketing reach. Having the most complete and relevant online content will surely help, but we also operate a telephone information service, as well as comprehensive vacation booking services.

We want people to know why Fernie is a such a great place to visit. We encourage anyone to submit their stories, photos, blogs, reviews and even rants. Everyone has a voice on OurFernie.

Oh yeah... we're a co-operative. This means that if you want to, you can become a member and have an equal say in what we do. People win, not $'s.

So, what's in it for us? Well, nothing if you don't own rental property!

For those lucky people that do own rental property, we can find people to stay in it, and will charge you a 10% commission whenever we do. Sound fair?