Edge-2-Edge Design

Custom Resort Residences

With over 20 years experience in the Custom Home Building Industry. Our specialty is in Resort Communities with offices in both Whitefish, Montana and Fernie, British Columbia - one of our main goals is that life should be enjoyed 15 minutes from work, a ski lift or a golf tee.

We believe that the construction of a home begins even before the first nail gets hammered into place. We work with you until you get a clear image of what your home, addition or renovation can and should be. Then it's developed into blueprints and construction plans - it's easy to change on paper - expensive to change once built.

You are spending not just a few thousand dollars, but probably hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an investment that should be done right the first time. When you are done with your project you should not look back and say "Oh, I should have done it differently". There are many possibilities. It is just a question of investigating alternatives.

Business details

Address: 1142-10th Avenue, Fernie
Phone: 423-6696
Alternate phone: 425-0777
Fax: 425-0111
Homepage: www.edge-2-edge.com